Book like navigation

I had an idea about this type of navigation since a while, it should resemble the look of pages of a book, opened by hovering over the bookmarks.
To write this example didn't take much time, but some fine tuning is obviously needed.

There are several obstacles to overcome:

  1. The bookmarks have a set height, not allowing any generating content in them which is a problem for CMS
  2. It would be nice if the bookmarks are attached to the pages, but not rotate so that they are always visible.
  3. Later pages should leave earlier open but go over them, while in the moment the new opens while the 'old' closes.
  4. If the pages should stay open on click, the pseudo :target should help.
  5. A different example with a cover page which opens to the selected page will be done. The trigger has to rotate the cover and change the z-index of the selected page then.
  6. As a fallback for old browsers has to be provided: the pages should get a width of 0 and of full width on hover, this could be done including a transition as well, so that browsers supporting transitions but not transformations can have a nice effect in between just show/hide and the 3d-page effect.